Visibility of your yard

Complete visibility of your yard

It’s fast and easy to find what you need. The dashboard gives an easy overview of the yard, while the search & filter functions let you quickly drill down to specifics.

Always know the location, status and contents of trailers. There’s no need to send someone to search for a specific trailer. Use the search and filter functions to quickly find what you need.

Don’t guess which yard locations or docks are available. Quickly identify vacancy using the dashboard tools. You can also see percent utilization for general locations that hold more than one trailer.

Simple by design

Simple by design

Yard Commander YMS is simple, has a clean and intuitive interface, and is easy to use even for computer novices.

The software is not complicated by unnecessary “features” that only serve to clutter the screen and frustrate users. Because we've made it simple and painless, you’re sure to get buy-in from your employees.

Visual cues provide quick view of alarms triggered, contents of trailer and comments.

Customize it to fit your operation … not the reverse


Know the status of a trailer (e.g. inbound/outbound) or create your own statuses that are important to your business.

Create trailer attributes that matter to your organization, such as the load type, trailer type, or contents (eg. lowboy, reefer, hazmat, temperature)

Best of all you don't need to contact us to create custom statuses or attributes. Create them yourself, any time, on the fly. These can be in the form of lists, check boxes or free text.

Email alerts

Stay ahead of the game

A default alarm is automatically set for each trailer with the option to modify it at check-in.

Receive an e-mail warning when an alarm is triggered so you have time to act before it's too late. You don't even have to be at your desk to receive alerts if your mobile device is setup to receive e-mail.

Set a priority on trailers so everyone will always know which trailers need attention first.



With alerts and priorities set, your employees are now accountable to ensure tasks/issues are taken care of in a timely manner.

The system can automatically send e-mail to your carriers for trailer pickup or other correspondence, and with a record stored there’s indisputable proof for both your employees and the carriers.

Save Money

Stop unnecessary payments

Reduce or eliminate demurrage, detention and rental charges by ensuring trailers are turned in a timely manner.

Become more efficient

An efficient yard will ensure goods are moving through your facility smoothly. No more production delays waiting for a trailer to be found and pulled into dock.

Be more productive

Your employees will be focused on productive work instead of physically looking for trailers or answering support calls.

Export to Excel

Centralized data and real time access for everyone

Every action stores a transaction so you'll know the user, date, time as well as the details of the event.

Reports provide current, transactional and historical data at the click of a button. Additionally the data can be used for performance measurement (KPI), invoicing, settling disputes, etc.

Reports available on screen, for printing and can also be exported to Excel/PDF.

Cloud Servers

Take advantage of the cloud

Yard Commander YMS is web-based so you can log on to the system from anywhere you have Internet access, including the office, home or on the road on a mobile device.

Monitor any number of locations, yards or facilities in real-time from one centralized system.

Hierarchical locations let you create general locations or break up your yard(s) into zones, areas or even individual spots. You can even put a limit on the number of trailers allowed in a location.

Limit user access to one or multiple yards or locations.

Save Time

Too much time is spent tending to customer, carrier and inter-department inquiries. With Yard Commander you can provide a secure self-serve portal.

Simply create a unique login and limit access to the customer's or carrier's own data only. The same applies for different departments or operations within your organization.

From there on everyone can conveniently and securely look up their data, which leaves your employees to more productive work.


Yard Commander YMS works great as a standalone system, but we understand that sometimes it needs to integrate with other systems to be fully effective.

We have lots of experience in integrating with WMS, MRP/ERP, ASN's, etc., and can certainly help you.

Ask us how we can help you with your integration needs.

It's literally worry free

Your monthly fee includes use of the software, hosting, support, maintenance, backups and upgrades.

Upfront pricing

Yard management shouldn’t be complicated nor should it be expensive. Our software is affordable and we’re upfront with our pricing. We don’t need to size you up to provide a price.

Check out our pricing page to see exactly what it costs.

No hidden expenses

With our service you don’t need to purchase or upgrade a server. There’s no need for backups or maintenance. It’s all included.

Yard Commander YMS works on any device that has a browser and Internet access, so you don’t need to buy special hardware or expensive third party software. You don’t even need to upgrade your existing computers.



With Yard Commander YMS you’re getting enterprise grade software.

Our servers are on a Cisco certified network with a 100% uptime SLA.


We consistently and regularly backup the data to assure your data is safe.


In addition to forcing login and password for authentication, we use industry leading SSL encryption so your data is secure.

See the Yard Commander YMS difference for yourself.

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